saved money bug fix maybe?

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saved money bug fix maybe?

Post by omegalink on Mon Dec 28, 2009 3:57 am

i posted this one in bugs also so that it is noticed for sure and im sry for that but i may have a simple sollution to this matter:

oke i found out that by saving a game, then loading it from the menu in
the game works normaly but if i load from the menu bar again it doubles
my money... also have a very easy sollution to this problem:

the title screen keep "new game" and "load game" but on the menu bar
when your playing the game remove them and inplent just a tab like "go
to title screen" or something.

this way you go to the title
screen and the all data is reset therefor if you load a game you cant
get what you already had in the game before as money and the money that
you have in the saved game, thus you always haveto load from the title
screen yes, but money bug is fixed and thus in the official release no
way of doubling your money.

let me know if this works.


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