Girls Keeping Stats Through Other Games - v2.1.4_100116_1

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Girls Keeping Stats Through Other Games - v2.1.4_100116_1

Post by Guest on Sun Jan 17, 2010 2:42 am

I've found that, in playing through a game and then going to start a new game, all of the girls I had in my brothel beforehand kept their stats and rank in the new game. For example, Urd was one of my operating characters, and she was rank six. When I started a new game with her as my main character, she is still rank six, with all of the Charisma and Sex bonuses that she had gotten from the styles I used. Looking at the "Buy Girls," area, I can see that all of the other girls I had in the last game were the same way.

Closing out SimBrothel and reopening the program restores all of their stats to normal. It's only when I load the old saves that new games have the improved stats. It's a very easy way to circumvent any difficulty the game could present someone.

I appreciate all of the work being done on the game, and it's an interesting diversion to play. Thought I'd try contributing to point out a bug I noticed.


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Re: Girls Keeping Stats Through Other Games - v2.1.4_100116_1

Post by conorwf on Sun Jan 17, 2010 2:59 am

this is an already established problem, thank you.

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