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File Formats

Post by A50ger0 on Sun Jan 24, 2010 7:53 pm

This is just from looking at things in the mono disassembler

The files should have a format version number. It helps so you can identify when the file is unreadable.

Also, I'd like to propose a new format. Have the second line of each file (or first of each section for the save format) list the name size and type of the fields (the first line of the file is the version). The loading is done in two stages: first parse the data into a dictionary for each row, second pull values from the dictionary by field name. If a value isn't in the dictionary then either use a default value or abort the load. Since the formats are in flux for development this allows slightly incompatible files to still work. Only when a field can't be defaulted does the load actually break.

Read Version
If Version 2
  For each Section
    Parse Schema
    For each line
      Parse line using schema
      Load Data from parsed line


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