One piece style and other style

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One piece style and other style

Post by Futak on Thu Jan 28, 2010 3:58 am

First thing i noticed is almost 50% of the girls are from fire emblem. I welcome the new addition of girls but all from the same serie is kind of excessive. I found Imari from Bible Black which is total score, we should start a style for bible black, there is at least 5 other girls we can add for them. And One piece got some characters in it, i wonder if we can add a style for them also, there is Boa Hancock, Vivi and that soap women to add to complete the set.

If it's approved, i can find pictures for them. thanks!

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Re: One piece style and other style

Post by Loup Garou on Fri Feb 05, 2010 10:00 am

Girls and styles can be requested on:

For girls, you need to have names, stats, themes, and managers skill. Listed there. Pictures are definitely useful.

If there is a style you wish to suggest, title and 5 lvl break down of bonuses gained with the style is requested. They may modify your numbers (or make some other changes), but giving them a starting block to build from is helpful.

You should take a look at the page to see the kind of suggestions people are making (like mine for the Sagara women) to help you get started figuring out the information you need for the women you want to suggest.
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