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Post by Kepp on Fri Feb 05, 2010 5:45 am

Well at one point most people will start to bulk up on girls to get some more cash in.

But if you really want the benifit of those girls you start getting their stats up to get the rewards.

I want to organize them by stats/ranking seeing on which i need to work on. I would make it easier to navigate through the swarms of girls later on.


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Re: Organization

Post by Loup Garou on Fri Feb 05, 2010 8:58 am

if you arrange them by house in the management, then click on the first char in the first house, you can use the down arrow to scroll down (and the up arrow if you need to jump back a girl or two to make sure you saw this or that right) and you can check out each char's stats by looking at the box directly above. If you had made the house an obedience house, and are checking on how they are doing, use the tactic above and keep an eye on the ob bar of all the girls in that house.

If you are scrolling through the stats of girls in one house or another and you notice a specific stat low on a number of girls in that house, you can check and see if there is a theme available in that house which will help that stat.

The other thing that will help you keep track of girls and make good choices in themes is... playing the game for a while.. learning the ins and outs. You could even take notes. 8-) And you can read the forums here. There are things like.. an entire list of all the girls in the game as of now, including their skills and manager bonuses. There is also some discussion in here about writing a manual for the game (I will be helping with editing).
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