A couple minor suggestions...

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A couple minor suggestions...

Post by Xydran on Wed Mar 24, 2010 6:33 am

After playing three various versions of 'Simbro 2' and seeing where the game is heading, I'm overall very happy with the upcoming developments (the 'Take a Walk' feature, new styles and girls, etc). I do however have a couple suggestions;

The first is that you refine the new challenges for each Joker. Although most are do-able, and the developers have come a long way to fix the issue, but some are ridiculous or almost impossible.

Second, that the 'Hard' mode is changed slightly. For me, Urd was almost impossible in the first 1-30 days, gradually getting easier. Maybe to balance out how much money you can end up with, you can add a 'tax' or some-such on a certain degree of income. I'd also ask if you can make the beginning slightly easier.

Finally, on the present test version, you can flip from room to room to look at the girls, but you have to scroll down to look at who's working and how hard. Instead, you could place it alongside the images, with a short summary coming up for each girl as you scroll through the brothel.

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