Interface upgrades

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Interface upgrades

Post by Jash on Fri May 14, 2010 6:36 am

I think one of the most important improvements the game needs is to its interface, it's currently about as intuitive and user-friendly as having your fingers smashed between 2 bricks.

Firstly, the scrolling text boxes need to be bigger. They're way too narrow both vertically (forcing you to scroll up and down to see the day's reports for each girl) and horizontally (you can never see all a girl's information at once).

Secondly, there needs to be at least one page where you can see EVERYTHING about a girl at once. I'm sick of switching from the My Girls page to the Management page to remind myself where each girl is working.

Thirdly, the brothel pages need to display, at a glance, a list of every girl which is working there. Currently you have to scroll up and down the list noting which girl is working in each place and its very time consuming and confusing when you're trying to reallocate girls without disrupting your style sets.


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