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Development and Questions about the future

Post by Tacky on Thu Jun 03, 2010 11:50 am

How can I help? I'm not fluent in all programming languages, but the basics of any language seem to be fairly easy to pick up as long as a couple are under your belt. So if a little code monkey like me could help, I'm willing.

I've been looking around the site for a little bit now, and it seems that this project is all but dead. Any confirmation one way or the other? No response to this post will be taken to mean that there are people who look at the site and check for updates, maybe suggesting ideas here and there, but mostly have no real power in the game's actual development, and the ones who actually have that power have quit or are on hiatus. If that's true, I would appreciate the source code, using the framework to create a running game. As it stands right now, I'm more impressed with the original than with this, though this project seems to have some creative blends and fixes to the original game. I found the original to be straightforward, difficult, but not impossible, engaging for hours (just to finish one game) but repetitive and slightly tedious by the end of the 300 days. This version won't allow me to reach the 300 day mark due to time taken to process an action visibly increases as the program runs (it gets too slow to do much of anything). However, it does have many redeeming qualities to it and seems to be a fairly good concept, if nothing else.

Basically, this post boils down to two things. One, is this project dead? and two, (assuming it is not dead) may I help?


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