Missions, Training, and Jokers

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Missions, Training, and Jokers

Post by Kezhael on Tue Jun 22, 2010 9:57 am

First of all, I'd like to mention that the missions in the second version of the game do seem to be easier than the missions in the first version. And, at times, can seem confusing (as in the case of having to rank up 400+ girls). Perhaps this could be addressed? Though that, itself, seems a relatively minor thing that could wait a while. However, I would like to discuss the rewards of successful completion.

I'm not going to say that you should go back to the old style from the first version where you have the choice between money, a woman, or some effect. The money was, really, a bit of a silly thing as it was seldom worth taking unless it was excessively high. Even then, in the long term, you would make more by training the slave up and making her work. Far, far more. And if it was a pitiful amount of money, you could simply sell the slave for more money than that if you were nearly broke, then buy her back later when you had more funds. The effects were sometimes interesting, though I seldom found myself particularly caring about them.

In version two, I tend to notice that it's an effect or a woman, which is probably closer to the mark as far as number of choices goes. But might I suggest trying a choice between, essentially, two women? Not two slaves, but a choice between a slave and a trainer. A trainer that could travel between houses (it wouldn't be a good idea, in my opinion, to require individual trainers per house as there are a limited number of missions) and teach your girls things that would improve their various stats? I don't agree with bringing back abilities as they were in the first version, but perhaps you could considering giving each girl a specific ability (such as Lolita, Exotic, Cat Girl, Noble, Big Boobs, etc. - but I suggest doing away with Final Fantasy, Bleach, Fire Emblem, Naruto, Tenchi, and the likes) that coincides with origin or some other facet of the girl, and categorize girls into lists of possible unlockable abilities that will fill in the remaining two spaces you have in the second version. In this way, it gives a little control to the player as to the abilities they wish to prioritize. Do you want to run a house themed in Nymphomania? Send them to the Sexual Trainer. Perhaps, instead, you want a theme that will increase Charisma? How about a Seduction theme and Seduction Trainer to learn Coquette? Obediance could be learned at the hands of a strict and merciless Slave Breaker. Constitution could come from a Dance Trainer, and with it, you could learn something similar to Tough, but renamed (let's face it, "Tough" isn't very sexy). Maybe call it Lithe?

I believe that the game could be set up, if the missions were made tougher, where this would be a decision you were forced to consider. Do you take a trainer for the long-term benefits? Do you take a new girl on (especially if these girls were special in some way, such as stats or abilities or number of abilities or some other unique thing [like Rikku having the ability to accept 4 customers a day], or be more valuable in terms of their cost - whatever) for the benefit that it brings? Do you have the time to invest in training, and the money to continue to pay a trainer, or do you need a girl working right now? If you're low on funds and can't pay a trainer, will they simply refuse to train or might they leave your employment? I believe that the rewards for succeeding at a mission should be real rewards, but I also believe that you should be faced with a real decision to make as to what is best for your business.


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