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Post by Kezhael on Tue Jun 22, 2010 10:25 am

I really miss being able to upgrade a building in more substantial ways than simply adding a room. But I don't believe that a shack in the woods should be given access to a money and games room or a garden. Probably not even a strip-tease room.

To fix this problem, I would say that each building should have different choices for upgrades. The shack, for example, may have the ability to upgrade the decoration. This could include paint, furniture, wall hangings, and general ornamentation. Something that makes it more inviting to customers. A very simple bar could be included, yes. A garden would be too elegant for a shack. A strip-tease room would take more space than a shack allows. An opium room would be somewhat ideal for this, however, as it is out of the way and the people who would frequent it would be somewhat less than desireable. Not the sort who care about a garden or who have the money to spend in a money and games room. Honestly, I doubt many would care much for the decorations, but a shack would probably also be visited by farmers and other rural folk who would be less put off by a dirty shack.

The small house may have a bar, it may have an improvement for decorations, it may have other, new features to draw the attentions of customers. It would not be ideal for a money and games room or an opium room because a house is more visible and easier to access, thus open to more scrutiny. This is a business, after all, and you must mind your investments. Perhaps a small house might feature a serving girl to bring customers drinks from the bar and further entice them?

This is something that can continue on from here. Simply judge the size of the house and its theorized location. What makes sense here? Would it already have nice furnishings, such as the big house, palace, or central palace? Might the second house and big house be able to have gardens? I would think a palace and central palace would have them. Certainly the palace and central palace would have serving girls. They are also large enough that it would be easier to hide an opium room or a money and games room in them.

Should buildings confer their own bonuses? A palace or central palace, I would think, should offer something like Noble. Perhaps the Big House could offer Famous? There are other options here, as well, for these buildings as well as the rest.

And how about having unique locations become available? Perhaps a local spa owner is killed by the Yakuza and you can purchase the business and fix it up. Now you have a bath house brothel that offers its own unique benefits, such as, for example, "Resort" where the prices are higher, reputation grows more quickly, etc. A tea house, with the perks of courtesans on premises? I'm certain that other ideas could be developed here, as well. Perhaps even a large garden, where the women could occupy their customers with walks before moving on to other entertainment in secluded areas, gazebos, canopied tents, etc.

With bonus stacking of this level, I'm not certain that there is much need for the inclusion of Management Skills as we see in the current version 2. Perhaps when a girl is promoted to management, she could be given a new stat? As it increases, her ability increases, and so the girls listen to her more and work better for her, so there is an increase in money that comes from a higher management skill? But, of course, that would also mean that the cost of your manager is higher. I also believe that this means that she would function as a lesser Madame, and so restrict the number of customers she could see in a day. I suppose that, along these lines, these girls could essentially be elevated to the status of Madame themselves. And the inclusion of the management stat also provides new opportunities to apply bonuses to the slaves you get from successful mission completion.

Just for the sake of feeling a bit more into the game, as you're considering each building's size, location, and the other aspects of it, I would love to see something more written about them. Yes, when I go to buy, for example, the small house and see something like, "This is a small house. It doesn't have many rooms and there is little room for improvement." would cover the basics of what I need to know. But reading something more thorough would give me a better sense of the world and make me feel like I'm really coming into my own in the game.

"It is a small, one story building that has been painted simple white. The small lot upon which it sets is just outside the town limits, but it is visible from the main road that leads out of the city. There is no room for large additions here, though certainly various smaller improvements could be made. With strong advertisement, it would draw customers from the main road."

This tells me that it's a small building and it's very unassuming. It isn't as bad as the shack, but it's hardly going to do anything to attract major attention by itself. The grounds are small, so I can't do much outside. It's able to be seen from the highway, so I have to be afraid of word traveling and being easily found if I get up to no good. But, since you can see it from the main road, that means that people can more easily reach it. And because it says something about "strong advertisement" I realize that I have to push my level of advertisement higher, because it isn't a really flamboyant place by itself and it's not in an easy, close location. Not to mention that it paints a nice visual for me, and I'm into that sort of thing. Wink


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