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Ranking Up

Post by Kezhael on Tue Jun 22, 2010 7:19 pm

Ranking up is sort of a strange, but necessary feature. The basis behind it in the original dealt with a girl's refinement and your properties, according to the tooltip. However, I noticed in various plays of version one that if charisma or sexual stats weren't at a certain minimum level, it would not allow me to rank up. This seemed to make sense, as a courtesan could not be legendary if she were bad or simply average at her job.

In version two, as nearly as I can tell it seems that it is simply decided according to property and reputation. Something about this seems off to me. Yes, I understand that your properties would be influential to your reputation. But, frankly, the way that the reputation stat functions seems strange in version two. Your reputation fills, allowing you to rank up, and begin to fill the bar again. Doesn't it seem more logical that, like in the first version, your reputation should grow to a single maximum and that you should rank up at key points along the way? Doesn't it also seem to naturally go with the order of things that you would need to meet certain minimum levels of charisma and sexual stats in order to rank up? I believe that this was one of the things that created a sense of difficulty in some of the missions in the first version. Typically speaking, if I failed a mission in version one it was because I was unable to successfully rank up enough girls, due to having to start too many fresh women into various schools and doing ceremonies, coupled with the need to do one rank advancement at a time.

In terms of logic, it seems that you are only in control of your own reputation in so far as how much effort you put into your job. Word of mouth and people's opinions of you will influence it from there and cause it to grow or diminish. I am not suggesting, however, that the game switch back to one girl ranking up at a time. That was, at best, a pain in the ass. I do wonder, however, if something should not be specifically done for the brothel owner in terms of management capabilities, reputation, ranking up, stats, etc. Doesn't it seem logical that as you gain more experience, your own management capabilities would increase causing better interactions with the girls and more efficient business practices? Doesn't it similarly follow that, as your own reputation as a brothel owner grows, it would serve as a sort of advertising itself, as well as causing more women to come and try to sell themselves, or entertain your offers, etc? I believe that as your own reputation, and rank, grew in the game, there could be features in the "take a walk" function that account for this. Such as having women offer themselves to you as a slave, or having prize courtesans who worked for themselves become available, perhaps better access to the slave market - or using this as a means to access the black market - and even discounts on merchandise while shopping.

I guess that, to me, the whole system of ranking up as it stands seems to be without much of a purpose, except to get you a little more money for the girls for each roll in the hay. There are other possibilities to reward a player for a higher rank that I feel should be explored.


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