Did you play Sim Brothel-1?

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Did you play Sim Brothel-1?

Post by No-Nothing on Tue Jun 29, 2010 5:13 pm


I have a few questions to veteran fans of Sim Brothel.
1. Who made Sim Brothel-1? Was it a freeware?
2. Did Sim Brothel-1 reach its final version stage of development?
3. Where is the “Sim Brothel-1 WebSite” or where can I download the best version of Sim Brothel-1 (final or beta)?? BTW which version, might be even mod, is the best? When was it released???

I do not think Sim Brothel-1 is better than Sim Brothel-2… Just curious!

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Re: Did you play Sim Brothel-1?

Post by Kezhael on Tue Jun 29, 2010 6:42 pm

I've played it a number of times, but I play it over in the Mature section of Newgrounds. I keep reading that the original developer called himself "Poookala" or something similar (I've seen multiple different spellings and variations), but the one who submitted it at Newgrounds calls himself Tashpiro.

I can't really say anything about versioning, whether it was a release version of a beta or whether it would be considered a finished/retail/whatever you want to call it version. I can only say that I've noticed very few issues with it in the numerous times that I've gone through the game on different difficulty levels. It seems to be a rather polished project, so I would venture to say that if it isn't considered to be a finalized project, it was very close, or at least an extremely well-done WIP.

I haven't seen any development site for it, though I've not looked for it. Again, I never downloaded it. I simply play it over at Newgrounds. You can find the version that I play here:



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