Girls’ Stats. You must be kidding me

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Girls’ Stats. You must be kidding me

Post by No-Nothing on Fri Jul 02, 2010 4:41 pm

Hell ya I knew I oversee right away something and so I add something new in green.

At the begin of the game all girls have their own unique Stats. Well, I think that at the end of the game they should also have some special abilities. I have one NOT good feeling, or rather bad, when I browse the list of girls through and see that they all have the same stats, i.e. all at max (you must be kidding!).

Some spontaneous ideas to the theme (how it could be realized).
1. Adjust/limit Girls’ Stats boost-up!
- Manager Bonus - gives TEMPORALLY Stats increase whichever.
- House Style - gives TEMPORALLY Stats increase whichever.
- Daily Action - gives TEMPORALLY Stats increase whichever.
- Jokers (both Mission and Weekly) - influence only 1-3 chosen girls - yes here one fast effect (a pop-up window?)
- Obedience is not teachable by no one AND by nothing! Can be increased yet by Jokers, Events … … … (something that happens seldom & is grandiose).
Therefore Obedience must become one specific skill like Health or Reputation.

2. One House Style (“Theme”) per girl - no comment (no need. No, really!).

3. Make Initial Stats lower for all girls. Perfection is hardly reachable (no 100% Stat at career start, please. It’s just unbelievable!).

4. Health goes down with every working day AND by all Girls (each girl might have her special rate). 7 working days per week, 30 per month, by such an unhealthy profession, without Day Off/Holiday - you must be kidding!
Neglected Health gives “malus” to All Stats (TEMPORALLY decrease).
On the Management Screen in “Location” column “Nowhere” is to change to “Day Off/Holiday”
So Health as the crucial thing what we all, any mortal being have, acquires its importance how it should!

5. Make Mission Jokers selectable two per Mission (Weekly two per Week). The first for one gorgeous Girl, the second for Stats of all kinds.
Make Jokers selectable. I mean give option of all opportunities. Not “Slave Market Gold Pass” when you have it, not Charisma while you’re urge for Constitution. That’ll definitely do the gameplay funnier.
Make “Jokers-Girls” selectable. Don’t be niggardly. Let’s go for fun already! They can, still, reserve the availability of a random choice through an extra button (“Lottery”).

6. It may be a very very good idea to add 5 randomly spread Stats points upon promoting to a higher Rank (not 20, chill out, 5*7=35). Might again rise up a need for the 2nd report screen to separate daily job info from improvements.
Still for beta version can be tested manually spreading of these Stats points.
It’d do a career advance more adequate.

Some addition features.
1. Health Resorts (Kurorts) for restoring Health:
- new ones appear on one certain day in time flow.
- can be bought too or better are in anyone another’s possession.
- cost some amount Golds per girl.

2. Schools for those Stats maniacs, who want their Girls to be “all by 100”:
- new ones appear on one certain day in time flow.
- can NOT be bought for the sake of cold logic (are in anyone another’s possession).
- cost some amount Golds per girl.
- do not allow Girls recover Health.
- no School for Rank, Obedience

3. Double-Stats with real & bonus/malus data for our convenience! It look something like this:
a - better variant
Photo Sharing and File Hosting at
b - alternative variant
Photo Sharing and File Hosting at

4. Icons for Styles, Ranks and for Stats, for sure! For Building Conditions/Costs also!
Every rank may give its own light tinge of colour to rows in lists for our convenience too!

5. If coder have time left for this - divide Girls into groups. Slaves have no salary, just nursing Costs. Girls oughtn’t to be bought, just hired.
Limit max number of Girls of yours (for instance: 150 - available from everywhere, but only 50 - yours). Why? Answer: reasonable gameplay. The Story’ll explain everything in the last resort!

Graphical representation of some features above:
Photo Sharing and File Hosting at

I do know many thereof were suggested before. Well then this’ a sort of compilation focused on Girls’ Stats.

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Re: Girls’ Stats. You must be kidding me

Post by Poke2201 on Thu Aug 12, 2010 10:12 am

Huh, my main problem with the stats is that A.) Its too damn hard to get up any stats. and B.) Some missions early on need you to have high stat quotas.

Fixing A is easy, just put a limit on what a girl can do and B. should have a boolean on there that controls the missions.

E.X. If mission XX is difficulty Hard, check if day after XX. If false choose another. If true, use that.

(Cannot remember how it works in C)


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Re: Girls’ Stats. You must be kidding me

Post by Joshua2000 on Fri Sep 10, 2010 2:57 am

god damn we lost a very good artist

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Re: Girls’ Stats. You must be kidding me

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