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some events

Post by opeterdamina on Sun Jul 04, 2010 10:46 am

I made some events as sugestion to you
pls coment even if its to say to toke off my head or something ^.^
it was maden with love

[1]You meet a ninja girl who chalenge you to a fight like the ones into her old village ,
if she wins you will have to pay her 350 gold , if you win she will be your slave
chose the strenght you wanna use most against her

-Dont acept her chalenge [end event]
-my will[go to [4]]
-show other options[goto[2]

[2] other options

-myne speed[go to [5]]
-pure strenght[go to [6]]
-show other options[go to [3]]

[3]other options 2

-my thougtness babe[go to [9]]
-i had karate in highschool ^^ [go to[7]]
-show me the first options again [go to [1]]

[4]will its a good thing , but it doesnt help to much agains someone punching you face
you lost

-continue [go to [8]]

[5] you had been quick , but she is quicker than that and you lost
my bad , man

-continue[go to [8]]

[6] she is to quick to you and she hits you before your atacks
you quickly lost any notion of combat and you gonne to the floor...
knocked out

-continue [go to [8]]

[7] you can fight well , but the babe seems to practise this shit since she has a child
shit , theres no way to defeat her TT

-continue [go to [8]]

[8] she laughts at your face and gonee away , with your sweet money
- until next time genius
you lost 350 gold

-continue [gold -350],[end event]

[9] abusing from the male thougtnes you was able to pass trought her weak jabs
and hit her to hard for be awake
you won , like you was suposed boy GG

-continue[recive akane or kasumi],[end event]


[1]A lord calls you to some bussiness propose
He says this gir , {girl name} , its bothering him.
He belives you can toke care of her
So he offers to you her ownage for {70% of price from a randow girl}

-acept happly[pay and recive her][end event]
-acept with doubth [pay and recive her][end event]
-decline with doubt [end event]
-decline hastly [end event]


[1] Kurenai its lost into hers weakness , the gambling
she asks you to play with her
she really need it lucky boy ^^

-Sure,no man can resist a blonde like you[go to [2]]
-I´ll pass , gotta bussiness with important people [end event]

[2] You two chat so you settle that if you win she will work for you
If she wins you pay her debth of {her price}

Do you still?

-im a bussiness man [go to [3]]
-im not this kinda of man [end event]

[3] -set some chose the right card here-

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