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Need help

Post by grand-scheme-of-love on Sat Aug 21, 2010 11:41 am

So, I have downloaded the beta (zip file, don't remember where I got it). But it is only the bare basics, I'm guessing this is because it is the beta.

So I wondering how I do use the or install the updates?

I have downloaded random ones and then clicked on them and nothing happens. I am guessing there is some obvious thing I am not doing or haven't downloaded, but IDK what that is or could be. All I would like to do to is play which is ever version offers all options, updated girls, with little bugs; meaning no new betas or tests, if possible.

I'm not sure how fast this forum moves or how often I should check back for a response, so if anyone would like to assist me, you can IM on MSN: If you don't want to IM me, then just post a response here and I will check back periodically.


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Re: Need help

Post by No-Nothing on Tue Aug 24, 2010 1:22 am

I played "v2.1.4_100131_TEST" a little…
I'd call it the latest "stable" beta.
It is quite playable and improved great in compare with some older ones!
Don't be confused by the word " TEST "!
All version here are some kinda " TEST " (=beta) and located in that section " "…
The project only at half-way progress, so do not expect too much from it!
Well I suggest you to download in this topic, post 1:

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