Some ideas I got...

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Some ideas I got...

Post by Kaizerdragon on Sun Oct 24, 2010 4:00 am

I have an idea that can be used in the game, i played Whore Master, Slave Maker, the first SB and this one and it hit me.

The games had a shops where you can buy items and accessories for your girls and I didn't see it in SB2, i'm wondering if it will be added, if you can there can be ways to add girls that have limited or no h-art, you can add them as special NPC's or shopkeepers, or have them help run your brothel, like the assistant in Slave Maker.
Play your cards right and you can get "special" scenes with them or something like that, can add a bit more to the game than buy X girl, X girl works for you, complete mission, rinse repeat.

Another thing I saw in Slave Maker was that you can buy alternate costumes for your girls and the main character pic would change, could also be a good idea, there are some pics out there having the characters in different outfits like Rei from Evangelion, you buy her in her plugsuit and if you buy a shoolgirl outfit and equip it on her it would chance her main pic as well as adding stat boosts or effects. Maybe give each girl their own special alternate looks since not all characters have a "schoolgirl mode"

Another thing I thought of was the weekly Jokers, the first game had random Jokers instead of just having the Doctor one, like Sex+ or for the duration of the week your girls get a temporary Charisma boost etc.
Maybe you can add a system for Event Jokers Cards in addition to the weekly ones and the Reward ones, like if you do something with a specific character you get it as a reward, adding objectives based of each girl in addition to the main one, only the girl ones are not time based and these Jokers Cards can be kept in your inventory to use as and when you see fit.

Throwing around ideas, tell me what you think.


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