Button/Shortcut Suggestions SIBR1X

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Button/Shortcut Suggestions SIBR1X

Post by thisisspinaltap on Mon Mar 05, 2012 2:59 pm

Fun game, but it gets pretty bogged down once you have a reasonably large crew. It can end up excessively clicky.

So here are a few suggestions on my part:

1) Purchase 5/10 joker option. I just bought two full packs; it took nearly forever.
1a) Maybe a straight up "Purchase and use on random girl without even bothering to check what it is" option as well, but I don't know how many would use that button.
2) Hotkey for copy/paste options in scheduling.
3) Keeping up/down keys as changing girls when you're training girls. If I'm training 15 girls, it gets painful to click the name, click the stat improvements, go to special and click through there, then go back and click the next girl's name. Laptop mouse ftl.
3a) Hotkeys for the training options, though this could be... hmm. Maybe 1-5 for the sex acts, q-i for the general skills. Or go with standard first letter hotkey system, though that would be complicated for the user to remember.
4) Less trivial suggestion: Autotrain! Set up a few templates for training, have a drop box which allows the user to pick a template. Does nothing on its own, but when you clicky the button next to it, all your tokens/specials get distributed according to the template. i.e. the Whore template would spend your tokens on sex skills and your specials on sex talents. The Madam template would focus on things which could help the brothel as a whole; the Handyslut template would make her into a handyman.
5) Ability to sort the girl list according to, at the least, where they are working. Maybe a "Tokens available to use" sort as well? Also nice: Endurance/Happiness/Hygene sorts to tell who is injured and whatnot.
6) Ability to jump back just one step in the Go To Town menu; if I'm trying to hunt down one girl who I've been working on turning out, it's a bunch of extra clicks to say Palace->Cololseum->Back->Palace->Fairgrounds->Back instead of Palace->Coloseum->Back->Fairgrounds->Back->, if that makes sense.

All of these should be relatively painless to implement, I think (except autotrain, which could be a mess especially if you allow user-defined templates, which are probably a bad idea).

So make the game to my specifications or else! I kid; thanks for making a fun game. It's improving all the time.


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Re: Button/Shortcut Suggestions SIBR1X

Post by mysterious stranger on Wed Mar 07, 2012 4:26 pm

Idk if this would be considered sibr1x, but maybe add a randomize stat button in girl maker.
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