Been out of the Loop

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Been out of the Loop

Post by Guest on Thu May 10, 2012 5:01 am

Hello everyone. Haven't been here in a long time and things seem to have changed a bit.

Last time I was here the lastest version of simbrothal was:


Now we have this version titled:

SIBR1x Version .97a

Can anyone fill me in on what has changed since I've been gone? And please before you tell me to just download the file and try it out, let me say that my internet connection is currently slow and unreliable so I can't download the 166MB file that is SIBR1x Version .97a.

So until I luck out and get a connection that can handle such a download can some one please get me up to speed.

What's different about SIBR1x Version .97a? Will I need all the patches as well to play or just the most recent patch? What is the girlmaker thing that has been mentioned that uses GPAC files? Where is it found and how do you use it? What else do I need to know about before I can start playing? (once my internet connection improves.)

I'd really appriciate the info guys.


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Re: Been out of the Loop

Post by kevmasterzoc on Thu May 10, 2012 10:51 am

Ok, I'll try to summarize as much as possible.

Since you last came here, as far as i know, there has been no work done on the version that you last saw. Instead, two new games have been made using the same concept as the original. These are SIBR1x and Nothin's Sim bro.

-Nothin's Sim bro latest version is 0.03c, but has not been updated in a while. the link can be found in the version 0.03b thread.
-SIBR1x latest version is .973a and you need to download version .97a and then patch it with version .973a.

Also, the girlmaker program is part of the SIBR1x game. it allows you to edit and create new girls for that game. GPAC files are the files girlmaker used to save and share girls people created for the game. Many GPACs and a simple guide to creating new girls can be found in the thread " SIBR1x GirlMaker GPAC files for more girls and Guide for creating New Girls for the game"


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