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Post by nonamejoe on Fri Jun 22, 2012 12:53 pm



Sex skill:
add threesome, gangbang etc. ability for gilr to pleasure multiple customers
Bondage and/or combine whit dungeon sales. higer skil makes more money pleased customers and lowers the chance for
the girl to be hurt duringthe act and out of work.
Deepthroat: not the ordinary blowjob. Increased chance of getting sore compared to ordinary blowjob.

With these suggestions it maybe necessesary to change the rate of when special points are awarded.

Make it able to choose which sexact a girl will do or not. for exampel u can make X only taking on customers who requests
blowjob or vaginal and X to only do anal. This should be enabled/disabeld by marking a box in the girls menu when its
implemented in the game.
Implement option for girls to swallow, creampie (vag/anal, preagnent), facial, etc. I think some of these are implemented in the game already. This colud lead to higer income but lower health, waeriness, endurance etc.

Advertising: (not skill) Make it possible to advertise a girl or sexact.


Make it possible to install one girl at a time.
Make it possible to rework girls implemented in the game. Some gilrs from the packages are very unbalanced/overpowerd.

Sort girls in alfabetich order in lists menus.
Connect pic to right sexaction. i a customer orders a blowjob, the pic whit the girl doing a blowjob is shown. (if possible)

I know that all my suggested changes may not be possible or what u devs are intending whit the game. But i ask u to at
least take them in consideration. I think that some o thesse may result in a smoother gameplay and better experience.
Thanks for a great game and looking forward to the next update. and sry for me bad english grammar and spelling ^^


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Re: Suggestions

Post by emcioran on Tue Jul 10, 2012 10:17 pm

Thanks for the suggestions! My comments are below:

No threesome or sexskill will be implemented. Impossible to find pics for every girl in the game with multiple partners.

Bondage or BSDM is essentially encapsulated in the FETISH sex act as that is what those activities are.

Deepthroat: Blowjob skill assumes skill at giving head and therefore you can presume that deepthroating is part of that skill progression.

You don't get to tell your customers what they want. They pay for the service and therefore choose which sex act they want.

Sex act/girl advertising might be something I will look at in future.

Someone might be coming on board to work on the girlmaker tool. If that goes well he might implement those ideas.

New release will allow more sorting on the girl window.

See comments elsewhere about why pics are not linked to sex types.

Again, thanks for the suggestions. In the interest of time my comments were a bit brief but don't take any of it personally. Smile


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