Unable To Click On "Girl" or "Demograph"

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Unable To Click On "Girl" or "Demograph"

Post by AlphaS520 on Tue Aug 21, 2012 9:20 pm

So usually I'm fine with that, until I realize that there is no way for me to rank up the girls, so do you rank up the girls in the "Girl" tab? Because if so, then everytime I click on it, nothing comes out, nor does Demograph, nothing comes out.


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Re: Unable To Click On "Girl" or "Demograph"

Post by Lkd99 on Tue Aug 21, 2012 9:58 pm

I am assuming your talking about sibr1x brothel and not a different game. If you are girls automatically rank up in that game, send girls to school by using the schedule to gain them xp based on their intelligence, girls also gain xp from other tasks but only a small amount. Once they have enough xp they will rank up once after ending the turn. Demographs doesn't work at the minute, all it does it skip a turn without any benefit I think.

Every 4 levels girls gain 1 special point which can be used in the special section of their options. Select girl ----> the girl you want and then the specials button (if it is greyed out then that girl does not have a special point to use). Each level a girl gains they gain a token, tokens can be used to increase the girls basic skills (1 token = +1 to a skill), sex skills also use tokens however each rank is different.

Level 1 blowjob = 1 token cost
Level 2 blowjob = 2 token cost
Level 3 = 3 tokens

Hope this helps and I hope this is the right game your talking about.


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