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Re: KaiSakurai's GPACs

Post by KingofKings on Fri Nov 01, 2013 3:10 am

Personally I like furries (So I downloaded them all, just for my own fun) but I see it as this Kai, most users on here are only here just to check for updates and that's about it, as the admins and mods don't exist any more (The spam is proof of that) it's not really much worth doing heavy work, sure we can look things over, try stuff out and see what's what, but their is nothing new coming on here, there is no authority here to keep it safe and most of all the projects are dying quicker than we'd like. Sure they still have the value to play and enjoy, but the fact that most are dead in the water has kind of taken away from the experience, not many people trawl graveyards these days, it's all social media.

Though even with that I give full thumbs up for the girls, they look real nice and you did yourself proud.

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