Just tried SIBR1x .976a and had some thoughts.

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Just tried SIBR1x .976a and had some thoughts.

Post by Mr. Jester on Sun Dec 09, 2012 6:23 pm

I did a scan of the recent active post, but didn't see anything about suggested addition or improvements... though I was one yesterday and I could have sworn I saw a thread going along these lines. Anyways...

When I started playing something about the 'Girls' interface was bothering me. I thought about it for awhile and I think it's that setting up the girls actions takes too long.

Make a main page where you can use a pull down menu to select girls house and a saved schedule. The pull down menu for choosing moving the girls around would be a bit quicker instead of clicking the girl then the house then assign. As for using saved schedule, I don't know about anyone else, but personally use them a lot. With a similar pull down menu one could quickly move a girl from working, to resting, to another girl working in her sport without too much jumping back and froth between tabs. It's the tabbing about that's bugging me. Perhaps I'm doing it wrong.

I also had some thoughts on Maintenance, Cleaning and Security. I read already (in that thread I can't seem to find) that someone thought it silly to have the girls go repairs or clean when they could easily make enough to cover those costs and more by working.

Creating Maintenance, Maid and Security services. These would come in different tiers. For Maintenance you could have: Handyman, Superintendent, Maintenance Crew. For Maid you could have... well... actually that's hard to tier (I can't think of anything, anyways). For Security: Bouncer, Security team (a few bouncers), Budget Security Firm, Good Security Firm.
Now, as far as I've seen, Maintenance and cleaning aren't expensive enough at the moment to make much need for the extra options. I haven't gotten far in the game so correct me if this is already a thing, but perhaps having the maintenance and cleaning could cost more as you upgrade (It appears to be less now, but that could be that it depreciates slower and costs more). This would make sense since larger building would take more effort (and money) to clean and fix.
I'd suggest that the lower tiers get paid weekly or paid as the day goes. While the higher tiers instead use contracts that can be paid weekly, biweekly or monthly. Even if the Maintenance and maid services would be found as unnecessary I'd argue the security service invaluable against customers attacking the girls.

Someone pointed out (Again that thread I can't find... I bet it was the music one. Didn't check the music one again) that it more cost effective to simply give money to girls when you 'Go to Town' instead of buying them. This a bit of an exploit. Sure you don't know how good the girl you're spending time on is, but she's way cheaper.

Make girl's characteristics influence your ability to hire them this way. Hair color, breast size and other physical traits probably wouldn't effect this much. On the other hand, personality characteristics could be used to fun effect! Such as making proper girls less likely to accept a hire proposition. Or having the slutty girl only lower her initial hire rate instead just joining up free (Again, these could already be things that happen. I'm just starting out). Different personality, different acquisition. Less "Here's some money, kissy-kissy, and now suck this guy's dick for me." transition. As an aside, I think that hiring the exotic girls (girls in a foreign land) could still come into the fold for free. I might suggest earning their trust be a little harder.

Personal Difficulty:
This is a problem I'm having just getting started: I don't know what everything means. I'm puzzling it out as I go along, but so many of the attributes and general skills a a little confusing. Perhaps there is a guide somewhere and my Google-fu is weak. That's just a personal problem I've been having while I try to get into the game.

So that's it. Some observations and thoughts. Of course, not being a programmer myself, I could have just suggested a lot of work and re-balancing on the part of the creators... Well, if that's the case: IGNORE ME!

Otherwise, anyone have any enlightenment about this that already exist? Improvements on an idea? Enlightenment for why an idea might not work (redundant, pointless, unnecessary workload increase, etc)?

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