recruited @ LoK

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recruited @ LoK

Post by wepwawt on Wed Feb 27, 2013 7:24 pm

Hi there.
It's all about that pretty confusing post at LoK board which states you guys need a coder. I have satisfying experience at Delphi/Lasarus (still no game developement: DB and interactive kiosk apps mostly) and will have some free time starting the second half of March.
Used to be in modding team as a patcher and interpreter (Russian version of Adult Adventure: Sword and Scabbard, texts for Russian version of Cursed Armor v.0.7) but gave up dealing Bethesda's horrible editor interfaces out of a boredom.

Why am I confused? There are different points of view that had led to different SimBrothel implementations. That is what I understood from riddlebox1321's reply at LoK. I may be missing something but the WhoreMaster game, which is also a brothel sim, has more organized dev team, so they don't split up into variations and just do their sim as a solid product. You have the main concept, that's great. What do you need is sorting out a list of features you want to have in the final version or whatever you are trying to make.

Anyway like I said there, describe the task and time limits and I'll say if I can or cannot help you. Perhaps it'll need rewriting the engine (or literally starting from scrap) for I don't know any other languages apart from 1C scripting which is a Russian financial DB monster or BASIC (both Q, VBA and Visual) which I don't consider to be sufficient.


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Re: recruited @ LoK

Post by Xela on Wed Feb 27, 2013 7:54 pm

Whore Master development is dead and code is very difficult to build upon (WM is coded in C++ with half implemented LUA bridge for scripting) and has a very inconvenient code structure...

There isn't one version that is being developed in Delphi, Lasarus, Basic or 1C.

If you're interested in content development, there is always demand for writers, graphics designers, concept designers and scripters!


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