SIBR1x Version .976a GPAC's - My collection

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SIBR1x Version .976a GPAC's - My collection

Post by Spacebird on Fri Aug 23, 2013 11:01 pm

From the near Legendary "Bible Black" download/8xjfqc6albsfqd7/Bible_Black.GPAC

From the Nearly as Legendary "Discipline: The Record of a Crusade" download/yy6hhkwxrx8rq04/Discipline.GPAC

More classics, these from "Tenchi Universe" and "GXP". Be warned, it's @ 100 megs. Yes, there's some duplicates but some of these girls there is just so much good "Rule 34" material out there....... download/ik4urmq8ut1ewio/Tenchi_Universes.GPAC

Sengoku Rance- Another large (@100 Meg) file. Surprisingly, there are fewer unique pics to extract than I thought there would be. download/fxa24cdm4tjh5ik/Sengoku_Rance.GPAC

Nanoha Strikers - WARNING! Loli Content! If you have issues, well..... you were warned. download/2zb4qh1t87i6ki6/Nanoha_Strikers.GPAC

Naruto - Duplicates, yes, but I think separated into themes- Classic/Shippuden, Vanilla/BDSM mostly. Let's face it, outside of PG rated cartoons, as assassins trained from birth at some point the village would have teach them the art of seduction, and withstanding brutal interrogations. download/jdmh44h8nha6pak/Naruto_land.GPAC

Strike Witches...... like this series doesn't beg to be Rule 34'ed from it's inception. download/u8sp772hz8o9adg/Strike_Witches.GPAC

Bleach Babes- My collection SO FAR. By no means complete. And Seriously, if anyone can find find more (better) stuff for the Vaizerds (Visored?) girls, please share. download/tuqh462cnudendf/Bleach_Babes.GPAC

2LoveRu- A supplement to what's already there. download/0sd6foiyx00133x/2loveRu_supplement.GPAC


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Re: SIBR1x Version .976a GPAC's - My collection

Post by KaiSakurai on Wed Oct 16, 2013 1:28 am

(i have sengoku rance its a great game^^)

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